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Patrick Walsh

Theatre Director


To Treasure the Work Above All Else

Patrick Walsh is a theatre director who believes in the power of language, art, and community to change lives. 


In all of my work as a director, it is always my goal to take the disparate elements that are at my disposal and create a cohesive community. I want this to occur during the design process and in the rehearsal room, as well as during all performances. In today’s tumultuous society this is how I view my role as an artist: as someone who, through the creation of something truthful and beautiful, can bring people of differing backgrounds together and cause them to see the world that we live in and the people around them in a slightly different light.


Only through the prism of artistic expression can people be reminded of their universal similarities, instead of focusing on their paltry differences. Today as a society we seem to be more fractured by belief and technology than ever before. At this time, we all need a place to go to be reminded that we are part of a larger conglomerate than ourselves. This is the power of the artist; to create not only art, but also community around that touchstone.




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