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November 13, 2014

I had a really great experience this past weekend. I was lucky enough to travel down to MacLaren Correctional Facility in Woodburn, Oregon and direct a series plays by some of teh inmates there. I'd been to the class before, but this was the first time that the playwri...

May 13, 2014

Now that I have the luxury of having a website, I wanted to have a place where I could communicate with people about the subject of the state of the American Theatre and what the Artistic Leadership at individual theatres can do to combat these problems that are plagui...

May 12, 2014

Originally Posted: Jun 4th, 2012 by PatrickWalsh. No comments yet [Edit]


We have arrived in Ithaca! Today Jess, Shana, Amy and myself all got to our apartments on the Ithaca College Campus. Later in the evening we had dinner with Peter Flynn and Stephanie Yankwitt and...

May 11, 2014

Originally Posted: Jun 8th, 2012 by PatrickWalsh. No comments yet [Edit]


The above title may seem like an oxymoron to a lot of people. How does one educate about a truly ephemeral art form. Of course we have the script after a performance is over, but how do we teach s...

May 10, 2014

Originally Posted: Jun 14th, 2012 by PatrickWalsh. No comments yet [Edit]


We just had our final design presentation for MACBETH yesterday and it honestly could not have gone better. Our amazing design fellows (Ed, Joe, Felicia, and Barbara) really came with their best...

May 9, 2014

Jun 21st, 2012 by PatrickWalsh. No comments yet [Edit]


I am currently in the midst of rehearsal of MACBETH by William Shakespeare. This is my Wedge Selection for the summer. It has been a thrilling experience thus far. The play is just so good. I know that it sounds st...

May 8, 2014

Originally Posted: Jun 26th, 2012 by PatrickWalsh. No comments yet [Edit]


Tonight I start technical rehearsals for MACBETH. This is always one of my favorite aspects of any process. I love seeing all of the elements of a show coming together for the first time. Somethi...

May 7, 2014

Originally Posted: Jul 2nd, 2012 by PatrickWalsh. No comments yet [Edit]


MACBETH has come and gone and it was a very intense experience. We had 6 days to tackle Shakespeare. It was short, hard, and at times, brutal. We all strecthed ourselves farther then I would have...

May 6, 2014

Originally Posted: Jul 12th, 2012 by PatrickWalsh. 1 comment [Edit]

This week has been totally devoted to creating my KidStuff production, The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon. I have never, EVER had the opportunity to work on a show that was geared toward children...

May 5, 2014

Originally Posted: Jul 31st, 2012 by PatrickWalsh. No comments yet [Edit]


I have officially closed all my shows here. MACBETH, THE EMPTY OCEAN, and DISH AND SPOON have all gone by the wayside. They have been shuttered. I’ve got some great memories/lessons and a handful...

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