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Now that I have the luxury of having a website, I wanted to have a place where I could communicate with people about the subject of the state of the American Theatre and what the Artistic Leadership at individual theatres can do to combat these problems that are plaguing our industry as a whole.

I do not claim to have all the answers, but I am hoping that this blog will be a way to begin a dialogue with people. These are realities that I believe that we all need to face TOGETHER. I'm offering some questions and hoping that debate will be sparked.

This whole idea begin germinating because of my time as a Drama League Director at the Hangar Theatre in Ithaca, NY. This was my first taste of Artistic Leadership and it made me realize how much I someday want to run a theatre.

I will start by posting my original entries from the Drama League Blog. Feel free to comment on any of those that you'd like. Or just take a look of my thoughts from a few years ago. I will continue to make new posts from there. About issues and events that feel relevant. Or maybe just going back and thinking more in depth about issues I've already talked about. Either way I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for looking!

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