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Originally Posted: Jun 4th, 2012 by PatrickWalsh. No comments yet [Edit]

We have arrived in Ithaca! Today Jess, Shana, Amy and myself all got to our apartments on the Ithaca College Campus. Later in the evening we had dinner with Peter Flynn and Stephanie Yankwitt and began, what I’m sure is, a lengthy conversation about the upcoming summer season. It is going to be an incredible summer and we cannot wait to meet with the design fellows and the rest of the Lab Company later in the week.

Tonight we started conversations about who we are, where our original love for the theater came from, as well as our future aspirations.

These conversations really made me think about my future, where I’m headed, and most importantly, what I want.

I seem to be the only one of the 2012 Fellows that is actively seeking out a path to becoming an Artistic Director. Some day it is my goal to lead a large regional theatre. That is obviously sometime away. However, I spend a large amount of time thinking about ways to improve how theatre’s work and operate. I have worked at a large number of institutions (large and small) and have come across some inefficiencies that I would deem “problems.”

Since we are the next generation of theater artists I believe that we need to be the ones to come up with solutions. Following the status quo doesn’t interest me. We need to take a step forward. To that end, I am going to devote at least one blog post per week to an issue that I believe is facing the American Theatre. I am not arrogant enough to believe that I have all the answers, but I am going to put forth some possible solutions and hopefully start a conversation with those of you who read this blog. I’d love to know YOUR thoughts.

I have too many ideas floating in my head now, so I would like to begin with what I want the theatre I run to be and hopefully what the 2012 Hangar Theatre Lab Company will strive for. Here we go….Thanks for taking the ride with me….

My Theatre….

…Is a place of inclusion and immersion

…Is representative of the community of which it serves and is a part of

…Is a community engagement center, whose influence is not only felt on show nights

…Is a place of safety, education, and provocation for a younger audience

…Is a place where an immediate, catalytic response is possible

…Is a home for artists no matter where their legal residence is

…Is a place where people go to be reminded of what it means to be American, as well as what it means to be citizens of a global community

…Is a public space

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