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Rounding the Bases...

Originally Posted: Jul 12th, 2012 by PatrickWalsh. 1 comment [Edit]

This week has been totally devoted to creating my KidStuff production, The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon. I have never, EVER had the opportunity to work on a show that was geared toward children and I have to say that I am enjoying the opportunity immensely. If I were at any other theatre/in any other program I know that I would not get the opportunity to stretch so many different creative muscles. I feel incredibly blessed to be here at the Hangar and to be given this opportunity by the Drama League.

This week got me thinking about why I have never tackeled the challenge of a TYA show before. Was I scared? Did I not seek out the opportunity? I came to realize that it was neither one of those reasons. I had just never been asked because a TYA show would not normally be considered a “Patrick Walsh-type of show.” What does this mean exactly? Frankly, I am always asked to direct shows that somehow deal with damaged, lost souls adrift in the world.

Just to be clear, i did not come up with the above description of my work. Rather it was thrust on to me when someone took a look at my portfolio.

The great thing about the Hangar Summer Residency is that I have the ability to work on all the things that I love. Classic theatre (Macbeth), New Play (The Empty Ocean by Anton Dudley) and a TYA musical (Dish and Spoon). I fear that when I leave here that I will no longer be able to hit all of my theatrical bases, because I will be pigeon-holed into doing the same type of show over and over again.

It is such a challenge as a young director to make a name for ones self without being known to be able to direct a certain kind of play. That life is not one that interests me. I want to hit all my bases when I want to. I think this is part of the reason that I am so drawn to being an Artistic Director. I have SO many varied interests and I would love to find a community that embraced my tastes and was willing to go on a journey with me (as the curator of the artistic conversation) no matter what the genesis of the story was.

I am just hopeful that when I leave this “artistic paradise” that I am able to find a place that will allow me to stretch and grow. A place that will not force me to conform to their idea of what I can or cannot direct. I’m not sure if I can find it, but I know that after leaving the Hangar that I am far better equipped to take the leap.

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